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Our Home Page - Our home page.

Renee Grant-Williams Legacy - Preserving and sharing her works and techniques for the next generation of singers.

Free Video Voice Lessons - Renee's Free video voice lessons and newletter.

Renee's Blog - A collection of Renee's articles, videos, and other contributions.

Renee's Bio - Renee's biography.

For the Media - Media information about Renee.

Clients List - A listing of some of Renee's clients.

Testimonials - What Renee's clients say about her techniques and training.

TV Spots - Television appearances.

Products - My Voice Coach products. Master Class, Vocal Warm-Up and more.

The Art of Singing Online Flipbook - Renee's The Art of Singing online flip book.

Master Class - Renee's live recording of her famous Master Class.

Daily Vocal Warm-Up - Vocal Warm-Up for singers.

60 Tiny Tips for Singers - Renee's 60 tiny tips for singers flip book.

Speaking With Emphasis and Conviction - A program for speakers.

Voice Power - Renee's book Voice Power.

My Voice Coach Merchandise - My Voice Coach merchandise.

Are Video Voice Lessons Right For You? - Renee explains how to qualify them.

The Importance of Warming-Up Your Voice - Renee discusses how to coordinate your brain, body, and voice.

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect - Renee gives avdice on why and how to practice, including a few tips on rehursals.

Elvis and Me - Renee's techniques and Elvis' connection.

Cheeseburger Collection - Renee's famous cheesburger collection.

High Notes are a Singer's Bling - Renee shares five tips that will help ensure that both the high and low notes hit the jackpot.

Great Microphones for Under $100 - Renee lists her top five microphones, under 100 dollars, for live performance.

Tips For a Healthy Voice - Renee shares 6 tips to keep your voice healthy.

Tips For Conquering Stage Fright - Renee gives you six tips to help you become more prepared and less anxious, conquering stage fright.

Tips For Killer High Notes - Renee gives you the tools you need to hit and hold killer high notes.

How to Sing the Star Spangled Banner - Renee shares six tips to help conquer this song with such a wide range.

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