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Renee will arm you with a powerful new set of skills, strategies, and timeless techniques
that will help you sing the way you want to sing.

Vocal Master Class


Renee's Vocal Master Class - You can develop the same career-altering skills she has been teaching to her celebrity clients, and at a fraction of the cost! Filmed live at Renee's Master Class in three sections, Breath Control, Produce a Great Tone, and Phrasing & Emotion.

**Available for download only**



Vocal Warm-Up


Renee’s Daily Practice Routine and Vocal Warm-Up, the easy way to warm up your voice anytime-anywhere.

**Available for download only**



THE ART OF SINGING Vol 1 Online Flipbook


This amazing one-of-a-kind, brilliantly-colored digital online Flip Book provides an impressive array of powerful singing skills, techniques and strategies that singers can call on for help in any style of music, at any skill level. Fast-paced and full of variety.

**Online Flipbook**
Plus a downloadable PDF



60 Tiny Tips


Amazing tips from the mind of legendary voice coach Renee Grant-Williams.
It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or new to music, you can rely on these tips to keep your voice training on track.

**Available for download only**
Plus a downloadable PDF





Voice Power by Renee Grant-Williams
Hard copy of Renee's book. Very Limited number from her personal inventory available.



Speaking With Emphasis and Conviction


How well we communicate continues to be extremely important in both our personal and business lives. A must for anyone who desires to communicate better—even singers!

**Available for download only**



Complete Performer Package


The Complete Performer Package includes:
Vocal Master Class,
Daily Vocal Warm-Up,
and her Pursuing a Singing Career video.

**Available for download only**



Renee's Timeless Techniques

Reality-based techniques that free up the voice and support the high notes, yet still keep the singing real, honest, and from the heart. She has an uncanny way of getting right to the source of a problem and finding its solution.

Her specific, easy-to-learn techniques empower singers to bring out the best in themselves.

Renee Grant-Williams helped guide the careers of hundreds of singers
who have put their trust in her training and techniques.

Renee Grant-Williams trained many judges and mentors for #TheVoice and #AmericanIdol, as well as many of their contestants.

What others say about Renee's techniques.


Miley Cyrus
"I miss you so much! My voice is so much better now. I can hit high notes without sounding like a dying German Shepherd."


Bob Weir
Grateful Dead, Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros
"Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!!!"


Tim McGraw
"Renee has my changed my whole approach. Her teaching has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability."


Mary Steenburgen Actress, Singer, Songwriter
"I think Renee is a genius!"


Paul Worley
Producer: Lady A, Martina McBride, Dixie Chicks...
"I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee's tricks of the trade as early as possible!!!"

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