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Daily Vocal Warm-Up

Vocal Warm-Up

Daily Vocal Warm-Up

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Perfect for all voices, all styles, at any level.
Increase Your Range
Sing With More Power
Build Vocal Stamina
Ace The High Notes
Protect Your Voice
Get Immediate Results

Renee's Vocal Warm-Up

Why bother to warm up your voice before you sing?
A good warm-up ensures you will coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work smoothly together.

01: Welcome
02: Intro To Breathing
03: Breathing Instructions
04: Breathing Warm-Up 1
05: Breathing Warm-Up 2
06: Intro To Support
07: Support Instructions
08: Support Warm-Up
09: Scale Exercises Explained

High Voice

10: Three Note Scale01: Welcome
11: Four Note Scale
12: Five Note Scale
13: Six Note Scale
14: Triad Scale
15: Final Thoughts

Low Voice

16: Three Note Scale
17: Four Note Scale
18: Five Note Scale
20: Triad Scale
21: Final Thoughts

Use alone or with Renee Grant-Williams' Vocal Master Class.

The easy way to warm up your voice, anytime.
Warm up your voice with the totally cool exercises taught by this renowned vocal coach to singers like the Dixie Chicks, Bob Weir, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Huey Lewis, Linda Ronstadt, Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, and Keith Urban.

“Your breathing technique is great. The Vocal Warm-Up CD allows the vocalist to get a guided workout any time they want. I love it. I’m very busy, always on the go. But whenever I feel like it (usually once a day), I pop in your CD for some quality practice :)” –Samantha Smith

“All of your singing products are simply the absolute BEST! Nothing and No One compares. Thank you so much for all of the GREAT Solid Advice!" –Tonya Traylor

Master Class


Renee Grant-Williams' Vocal Master Class

Master Class

60 Tiny Tips


Renee's tiny tips and tricks deliver BIG results. You will find 60 nuggets of wisdom just waiting to rock your singing world.

Tiny Tips



"The Art of Singing" Powerful singing skills, techniques and strategies.

Art of Singing

Voice Power


Renee's book "Voice Power"

Voice Power

Speaking With Emphasis and Conviction


A valuable supplement to Renee’s book "Voice Power", communicate better—even singers!


Renee Grant-Williams helped guide the careers of hundreds of singers who have put their trust in her techniques.
She trained many judges and mentors for #TheVoice and #AmericanIdol, as well as many of their contestants.

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