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VOICE POWER by Renee Grant-Williams

Written by acclaimed celebrity voice coach Renee Grant-Williams, shows you how to apply positive vocal techniques to business and personal situations, and become a more confident, persuasive presenter and speaker. The book includes a special "Voice Power Quotient" self-assessment quiz, which determines your own strengths and weaknesses. Implementing it, you can target just what it is that will help you tap into the power of your own speech.

Using easy-to-practice exercises that demonstrate how to bring out the best qualities in your natural voice, you'll learn to: Use silence as an exclamation. Deliver sales pitches virtually guaranteed to sell. Turn voice mail greetings and messages into personal calling cards. And much, much more!

VOICE POWER was chosen as an Executive Book Summaries selection and endorsed by Paul Harvey.
At the request of Barnes & Noble On-Line University she created and taught a course for the speaking voice.

Hard copy of VOICE POWER.



Limited number of hard copies, from Renee's personal inventory.

Reviews and Endorsements

"I learned by bitter experience how we are all inclined to take our voices for granted. Finally a knowledgeable voice coach has prepared a prescription, which none can challenge and all should read."
- Paul Harvey, ABC Radio Network news commentator

"I've never known a real leader who did not have a compelling speaking voice. In business, as in theater, it is your voice that commands attention and inspires confidence. In Voice Power, Renee Grant-Williams provides the best guide I have ever seen to effective speaking."
- Rocco Landesman, President, Jujamcyn Theaters, and Lead Producer of The Producers, the Mel Brooks Musical

"Renee Grant-Williams offers valuable insights into using the power of your voice to maximize your leadership skills in all areas."
- U.S. Senator Fred Thompson

"As a professional speaker, you search for books that can take your skills to another level. This must-read book provides practical insights, stategies, and exercises for anyone who wants to make a difference every time they speak."
- Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE, author of 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro, and past president of the National Speakers Association

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