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Associate Teachers

Renee Grant-Williams Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

----"Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!"—Bob Weir/the Grateful Dead

----"I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee’s tricks of the trade as early as possible."—Paul Worley/Former Executive VP Sony Records


A smart and easy way to prepare for your first voice lesson is to order Renee's three-part Vocal Master Class on DVD and review it so at your first lesson you can grasp the basic techniques quickly, saving both time and money.

PRIVATE VOCAL LESSONS | Renee Grant-Williams

{ Renee Grant-Williams - Private Vocal Lessons }

Can you imagine a boxer getting into the ring with Mike Tyson without a trainer? Has a football team ever won the Super Bowl without a great coach? Don’t you think singers deserve to have a strong vocal coach in their corner too? You shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Renee will analize your singing for strengths and weaknesses, then give you solutions to help you learn to sing with freedom and emotion. It's not about perfect tone or perfect pitch it's about the emotional bond between singer and listener and this is where Renee excels as a vocal coach. She maintains, "I can't make you a star, but I can teach you how to sing like one."

Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule a private vocal session with Renee call 615.244.3280 during normal
office hours between 9:00-5:00 Central Time, or by e-mail

Voice teacher Renee Grant-Williams' studio is located in historic downtown
Nashville. She teaches Monday through Thursday 1:00-5:00 Central Time. The
fee for a 55 minute private voice session is $235 in person or by Skype.
Cancellations require 24 hours notice. Renee's schedule does fill up quickly, so
please try not to wait until the last minute to schedule. If Renee's fees or studio
hours will not work for you, she has two excellent, long-time Associate Teachers
you may wish to consider.

"Teaching voice is very elusive," Renee Grant-Williams admits.” You have to
describe in images what really can’t be described. It’s like wiggling your middle
toe. You know you can’t do it, but you also know there are people who can. You
could train yourself to do it, but you have to concentrate in some ways that are
really very difficult."


---"Renee’s the first person who actually taught me something that I could apply.
And whatever I’m having problems with, I use her exercises. I probably wouldn’t
have had a voice at all a couple of times if I hadn’t done it."—Kim Wilson
Fabulous Thunder Birds

Sessions by Skype

Renee offers vocal sessions by Skype to those students whose schedules or
finances do not allow them to travel to Nashville or who have an unexpected
emergency or delay. Consider trying a voice lesson by Skype if:

----- You want to take voice lessons with Renee, but you live far away.
----- You have to travel and cannot schedule as often as you would like.
----- You have a sudden emergency and must cancel with short notice.
----- You are touring and have a vocal problem that needs help NOW.
----- You broke your leg, wrecked your car, or are under house arrest.

---"I took about 10 singing lessons over the phone with Renee. Phone lessons
didn't differ very much from lessons face to face, but you do have to use a little
more imagination. I would recommend my friends and anybody else new or old to
take phone lessons with Renee." —Emma Mae Jacob

Associate Teachers

An alternative to those who are not otherwise able to schedule a singing lesson
with Renee. She has trained several excellent Associate Voice Teachers to teach
her techniques in private voice lessons. Christy Sutherland and Misty Rae are the
only certified voice teachers who have been specially trained to teach Renee's techniques. Christy Sutherland is $120 and Misty Rae is $95 per session.

Christy Sutherland

Christy Sutherland is a Christian recording artist and songwriter who has garnered an impressive array of awards for her stellar vocals and songwriting. Christy has been Renee's associate teacher since 1995.

Misty Rae Carson

Misty Rae Carson is a dynamic country artist and songwriter. Another Texas native
and Belmont University graduate, she was performing her own material at
professional Texas venues, opening for country music legends Ray Price, Bill
Anderson and Don Williams by the time she was ten years old.

To schedule a voice lesson with Renee or one of her associate vocal coaches call 615.244.3280 during normal office hours between 9:00-5:00 CST, or by email Elaine@MyVoiceCoach.com

For more information about Renee's Associate Teachers


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